Revolutionary Bergen County The Road to Independence

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Revolutionary Bergen County The Road to Independence

Author: Barbara Z. Marchant
Publisher: The History Press
Copyright: 2009
Pages: 192
Cover Price: $ 21.99

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Along the banks of the Hudson River, New Jersey’s Bergen County endured the brunt of Revolutionary War violence. With an impressive compilation of scholarly essays, Barbara Z. Marchant and company vividly portray those who found their lives altered by the conflict, from famous military men, such as George Washington, who attained glory on the battlefields to ordinary citizens like Helen Brasher, who simply wanted to protect her children from the ravages of war. Revolutionary Bergen County explores the struggles and the dramas played out in the homes and on the fields of New Jersey.

Background Information

The Hudson River drains upstate New York into the Atlantic, forming the fine harbor New York City in its estuary. New Jersey is a central state on the Atlantic Coast, closely associated with both Philadelphia and New York City. George Washington fought in both the French and Indian and the Revolutionary wars, and was his country's first President.