Every Day Life in the Massachusetts Bay Colony

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Every Day Life in the Massachusetts Bay Colony

Author: George Francis Dow
Publisher: Dover Publications
Copyright: 1988
Pages: 416
Cover Price: $ 13.95

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Drawing extensively on contemporary records of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, author and antiquarian George Dow provides graphically accurate descriptions of early shelters and dwellings, interior furnishings, colonial wardrobes, sports and games, shipping, trade, medicinal aids, medical practice, crimes, punishment and much more. The text dispenses a wealth of intimate details on manners and customs - including intriguing tidbits of information on peculiar mealtime apparel, eating habits and personal cleanliness. Detailed appendixes contain shop inventories, records of the contents of private homes, copies of building agreements and other matters.

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Background Information

The Massachusetts Bay Colony was chartered in England and included the settlements near Boston.