Cincinnati's Incomplete Subway The Complete History

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Cincinnati's Incomplete Subway The Complete History

Author: Jake R. Mecklenborg
Publisher: The History Press
Copyright: 2010
Pages: 160
Cover Price: $ 19.00

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What of those ghostly catacombs that lie dormant below Cincinnati streets? Those subway tunnels, never finished, never filled with the screeches of trains and the busy commotion of commuters. Just there. Dead. You’ve heard of the subway’s demise. The tunnels were too narrow. The Ohio city was too broke. A grand miscalculation. Well, most of what you’ve heard is, sorry to say, untrue. The popular story of the subway’s demise is myth-laden and as incomplete as the original plan. The full story, long buried in mounds of public records dispersed in the city’s libraries, is now revealed. Local author Jacob Mecklenborg emerges from those dusty tomes with a fresh, thought-provoking, full examination of the subway’s demise and what its future might hold.

Background Information

Cincinnati, Ohio, is a major river port on the Ohio River, founded before Ohio became a state. That the territory that is now the state of Ohio was closed to settlement by the British was one of the contributing factors in the Revolution.