The Civil War at Perryville Battling For the Bluegrass

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The Civil War at Perryville Battling For the Bluegrass

Author: Christopher L .Kolakowski
Publisher: The History Press
Copyright: 2009
Pages: 192
Cover Price: $ 19.99

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Desperate to seize control of Kentucky, the Confederate army launched an invasion into the commonwealth in the fall of 1862, viciously culminating at an otherwise quiet Bluegrass crossroads and forever altering the landscape of the war. The Battle of Perryville lasted just one day yet produced nearly eight thousand combined casualties and losses, and some say nary a victor. The Rebel army was forced to retreat, and the United States kept its imperative grasp on Kentucky throughout the war. Few know this hallowed ground like Christopher L. Kolakowski, former director of the Perryville Battlefield Preservation Association, who draws on letters, reports, memoirs and other primary sources to offer the most accessible and engaging account of the Kentucky Campaign yet, featuring over sixty historic images and maps.

Background Information

Kentucky was a state created soon after independence in the frontier across the Appalachians, bounded on the north by the Ohio River.