Irish Brigade In The Civil War: The 69th New York And Other Irish Regiments Of The Army Of The Potomac

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Irish Brigade In The Civil War: The 69th New York And Other Irish Regiments Of The Army Of The Potomac

Author: Joseph G. Bilby
Publisher: Da Capo Press
Copyright: 2001
Pages: 284
Cover Price: $ 20.95

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The unveiling of the Irish Brigade Memorial at Antietam has focused attention on one of the most colorful units of the American Civil War. Despite its distinguished record and key role in the war, no detailed history of the brigade has been written in 130 years.

Made up largely of New York Irishmen, the Brigade made a decisive contribution to the Union victory at Antietam, suffered fearfully in a gallant charge at Fredericksburg, and made a famous stand in the Wheatfield on the second day at Gettysburg, as depicted in the recent film.

The full co-operation of the present-day 69th New York National Guard helped make possible the compilation of this detailed account, which includes 13 period maps and 270 illustrations, many of them rare photos from private collections. The original hardcover limited edition of Bilby's book quickly sold out to re-enactors, veteran and active members of the 69th Regiment, and hard-core Civil War collectors; the Combined Publishing trade paperback is the first edition made available directly to the general public.Joseph G. Bilby is a popular columnist for the Civil War News and a veteran of the current 69th Regiment. He is also the author of Civil War Firearms.

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Background Information

The Battle of Antietam was fought near Sharpsburg MD in 1862 and represented the bloodiest single day in American military history. During the Battle of Fredericksburg in 1862, Robert E. Lee outmanuevered and defeated the Army of the Potomac under Burnside. The Irish came to America in large numbers in the 1840's as a result of the great Irish potato famine, and received a mixed welcome.