The Cold War Comes to Main Street: America in 1950

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The Cold War Comes to Main Street: America in 1950

Author: Lisle A. Rose
Publisher: University Press of Kansas
Copyright: 1999
Pages: 404
Cover Price: $ 39.95

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In 1950, Main Street American was abruptly traumatized. The sudden prospect of thermonuclear war with the Soviet Union, Senator McCarthy's vicious anticommunist crusade, and the beginning of the Korean War all combined to dampen the public mood. The Cold War invaded every home. Rose maintains that 1950 was a pivotal year for the nation. He argues that the convergence of Korea, McCarthy, and the bomb wounded the nation in ways from which we've never fully recovered. Brimming with originality, this book makes readers look at the Cold War from a dozen different angles.

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Background Information

The Korean War was fought by United Nations forces, primarily from the United States, against the North Korean invaders of the South, and their Chinese allies. The Cold War was the worldwide conflict between the western democracies and Communist states, particularly the USSR. Joseph McCarthy was an obscure senator from Wisconsin until he discovered the power of unfounded accusations against supposed Communist sympathizers. The hydrogen bomb, utilizing the energy of atomic fusion rather than fission, is vastly more powerful than the bombs dropped on Japan at the end of the second World War.