Henry Knox: Visionary General of the American Revolution

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Henry Knox: Visionary General of the American Revolution

Author: Mark Puls
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Copyright: 2008
Pages: 288
Cover Price: $ 26.95

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Here is a compelling portrait of the Revolutionary War general whose skills as an engineer and artilleryman played a key role in all of George Washington's battles including the Siege of Boston (where his use of cannons at Dorchester Heights won back the city) and the Battle of Trenton (where he was in charge of Washington's crossing of the Delaware River). Knox became an major advocate of the U.S. Constitution and served as the nation's first Secretary of War. He was co-founder of the U.S. Navy, laid the foundations for the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and negotiated treaties and set policy with Native Americans.

With nail-biting battle scenes, patriotism and deep understanding of his subject, Mark Puls breathes new life into the American Revolution and firmly assigns Knox to his deserved place in history.

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Background Information

While Washington was crossing the Delaware on Christmas Day, 1776, a second thrust against the Hessians at Trenton, New Jersey, was underway. Until the reorganization that followed World War II, the Secretary of War was the civilian directly in charge of American military forces and belonged to the federal cabinet. After the Continental Navy was allowed to lapse, the U.S. Navy was reconstituted and has defend America for over two centuries. The United States Military Academy has been established at West Point on the Hudson River to train officers for the U.S. Army for more than two centuries.