Fort Lee

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Fort Lee

Author: Tim O'Gorman, Dr. Steve Anders
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
Copyright: 2003
Pages: 128
Cover Price: $ 21.99

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Fort Lee, located adjacent to the Petersburg Civil War Battlefield, is the designated Home of the United States Army Quartermaster Corps. The first Camp Lee, established as a National Army Cantonment in 1917, trained the 80th Division for service in France. In 1940, Camp Lee was reestablished, and since World War II, has trained hundreds of thousands of Quartermasters, whose numerous skills include military supply, water and petroleum operations, Army field feeding, and parachute rigging for “supply by sky.” Fort Lee is also the home of the Defense Commissary Agency and the Army Logistics Management College, which provides advanced schooling for Armed Forces logisticians. For over 60 years, Fort Lee has played a vital role ensuring that America’s Army is the best-equipped and most well-supported army in the world.