Teterboro Airport

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Teterboro Airport

Author: Henry M. Holden
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
Copyright: 2010
Pages: 128
Cover Price: $ 21.99

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Teterboro Airport has been in continuous use since 1916 and was once the busiest airport in the country. In 1925, the Fokker Company opened an American subsidiary, the Atlantic Aircraft Corporation, and Teterboro-built Fokker trimotors dominated the industry for a decade. In the 1920s and 1930s, record-setting flights became a national obsession, and many of the flights originated or terminated at Teterboro Airport. In 1939, the Goodyear blimp Mayflower made daily sightseeing flights over the New York City world's fair.

In 1952, television personality Arthur Godfrey buzzed the control tower while taking off in his DC-3. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey purchased the airport in 1949 and made major investments in airport infrastructure.

Today the New Jersey Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum is located at the airport.

Background Information

New York City at the mouth of the Hudson River is the largest city in America. New Jersey is a central state on the Atlantic Coast, closely associated with both Philadelphia and New York City. Americans Wilbur and Orville Wright conducted the first heavier-than-air flight and America has led in aviation innovations ever since.