Nantucket Sound, A Maritime History

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Nantucket Sound, A Maritime History

Author: Theresa Mitchell Barbo
Publisher: The History Press
Copyright: 2009
Pages: 160
Cover Price: $ 21.99

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An ancient fishing ground, vital shipping passage and final resting place for those unable to navigate its rocky shoals, Nantucket Sound—bordered by Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod and, of course, Nantucket—remains one of New England’s most historic waterways. Here, the first rays of morning sunlight touch the United States before sweeping westward. In fact, the area’s early inhabitants were called Wampanoag: “People of the Dawn.”

From whaling culture and infamous shipwrecks to legendsof Vikings, sea gods and John Smith, local author Theresa Mitchell Barbo unearths the stories hidden beneath these rough waves. At once unforgiving and generous, Nantucket Sound has seduced countless seafarers with its siren song but still overflows with diverse marine life.With a Foreword by Congressman Bill D. Delahunt

Background Information

The island of Nantucket off the south coast of Massachusetts rose to become the principal whaling port in the world.