The Battle of New Market Heights Freedom Will Be Theirs by the Sword

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The Battle of New Market Heights Freedom Will Be Theirs by the Sword

Author: James S. Price
Publisher: The History Press
Copyright: 2011
Pages: 128
Cover Price: $ 19.99

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In the predawn darkness of September 29, 1864, black Union soldiers attacked a heavily fortified position on the outskirts of the Confederate capital of Richmond. In a few hours of desperate fighting, these African American soldiers struck a blow against Robert E. Lee’s vaunted Army of Northern Virginia and proved to detractors that they could fight for freedom and citizenship for themselves and their enslaved brethren. For fourteen of the black soldiers who stormed New Market Heights that day, their bravery would be awarded with the nation’s highest honor—the Congressional Medal of Honor. With vivid firsthand accounts and meticulous tactical detail, James S. Price brings the Battle of New Market Heights into brilliant focus, with maps by master cartographer Steven Stanley.

Background Information

The Confederate States of America was formed by the states that seceded from the Union in 1861 and was dissolved in 1865. Robert E. Lee was served in the United States Army in Mexico and led the Confederate Army in the Civil War. Richmond, Virginia, loated on the fall line of the James River, is the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia and served as capital of the Confederate States during the Civil War.