Charlotte, North Carolina: A Brief History

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Charlotte, North Carolina: A Brief History

Author: Mary Norton Kratt
Publisher: The History Press
Copyright: 2009
Pages: 192
Cover Price: $ 22.99

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Founded in 1768 at the crossing of two Indian trails, Charlotte has a rich heritage to match its substantial age. In this thoroughly researched volume, accomplished author and historian Kratt chronicles the history of the Queen City from the earliest Catawba inhabitants to modern development, offering personal voices of discovery, hardship, segregation and achievement.

Background Information

Waterbury, Connecticut, was founded in 1686 and became well known for its manufactures in brass. The First Industrial Revolution introduced the use of power, from falling water and steam, as the motive force behind large-scale machinery in factories. Charlotte, North Carolina, is a university town as well as a commercial center with a Civil War history. Before segregation was abolished by President Harry Truman, the American military had policies that kept blacks in their own units under the command of white officers.