Hawthorne's Haunts in New England

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Hawthorne's Haunts in New England

Author: John Hardy Wright
Publisher: The History Press
Copyright: 2008
Pages: 128
Cover Price: $ 19.99

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Loosen the latchstring and peer into the places where Nathaniel Hawthorne passed back and forth from nineteenth-century New England to the fertile country of his imagination. From Salem to Bowdoin College, and through Lenox and Concord, Salemite John Hardy Wright trails the famous author to his "old accustomed chambers" and reveals the inspiration behind an American literary legend in this pictorial biography.

Background Information

Nathaniel Hawthorne was a New England writer in the mid-nineteenth century, well known for works such as the Scarlet Letter and the House of Seven Gables. Salem, Massachusetts, was an early settlement in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, best remembered today for the witch trials of 1692.