Anything Goes: A Biography Of The Roaring Twenties

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Anything Goes: A Biography Of The Roaring Twenties

Author: Lucy Moore
Publisher: Atlantic
Copyright: 2008
Pages: 389

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An exhilarating portrait of the era of jazz, glamour, and gangsters from a bright young star of mainstream history writing. The glitter of 1920s America was seductive, from jazz, flappers, and wild all- night parties to the birth of Hollywood and a glamorous gangster-led crime scene flourishing under Prohibition. But the period was also punctuated by momentous events-the political show trials of Sacco and Vanzetti, the huge Ku Klux Klan march down Washington DC's Pennsylvania Avenue-and it produced a dizzying array of writers, musicians, and film stars, from F. Scott Fitzgerald to Bessie Smith and Charlie Chaplin.

In Anything Goes, Lucy Moore interweaves the stories of the compelling people and events that characterized the decade to produce a gripping portrait of the Jazz Age. She reveals that the Roaring Twenties were more than just "the years between wars." It was an epoch of passion and change-an age, she observes, not unlike our own.

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Background Information

The Hollywood district of Los Angeles played such an important role in the development of motion pictures that its name became synonymous with the industry. Sacco and Vanzetti were two anarchists, immigrants from Illinois, who were accused, convicted, and executed for murder in a case that questioned the fairness of the trial. The decade of the 1920's introduced America to new freedoms and ways of thinking. F. Scott Fitzgerald is the writer most associated with the Roaring Twenties, epitomized by The Great Gatsby. Charlie Chaplin was a British-born actor who rose to fame in silent comedies and eventually left America for political reasons.