East Harlem

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East Harlem

Author: Christopher Bell
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
Copyright: 2003
Pages: 128
Cover Price: $ 21.99

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Overshadowed by the fame of Harlem and the wealth of New York City's Upper East Side, East Harlem is rarely noted as a historical enclave. However, from the early 1800s through today, East Harlem has welcomed wave after wave of immigrants struggling for a place in the nation's most famous city. African Americans, Irish, Germans, European Jews, Italians, Scandinavians, Puerto Ricans, and Latinos are among the ethnic groups who have shaped this neighborhood, bringing with them their religious, social, and culinary traditions.

East Harlem is the first volume to tell this neighborhood's history through images. Photographs of the iron, stone, and rubber factories, the tenements, the 100th Street community, famous politicians such as Fiorello La Guardia, the Second and Third Avenue elevated subways, St. Cecilia's, and many other subjects capture East Harlem's past in one memorable collection.

Background Information

Fiorello La Guardia was elected mayor of New York City in 1933, running as a fusion candidate in opposition to the entrenched Tammany Hall machines. New York City at the mouth of the Hudson River is the largest city in America.